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NOCO2's Climate Change Manifesto

Focus on JOININ​G and MULTIPLYING forces. 
Mobilise society for C​LIMATE ACTION.
The net zero ro​adma​p ​must be ACCELERA​TEd. 
DON'T DELAY ACTION​​​: every minute results in higher future costs.

1.- Both individual and collective action are necessary. Government, business, civil society and each person will have to contribute, coordinate and find ways to better work together if we want to avert further global warming.
2.- Further coordinate global policies related to climate change with convergence of pathways reaching global net zero by 2050.
3.- Governments can and should accelerate the implementation of their NDCs (Paris Agreement (Article 4, paragraph 2).
4.- Promote private sector investment in the green economy. Speed up the transition out of the fossil fuel economy.
5.- Let and help the planet heal. Restore ocean habitats and protect terrestrial ecosystems.

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Sustainable Agriculture and Agritech

Regenerative Agriculture
Agri technologies' role in relation to climate change - new agriculture technologies that promote sustainability - regenerative agriculture

Growth Areas in the Green Economy

Green Economy
Potential investment opportunities in the "green economy" - Promising startups in green buildings, weatherization, green procurement, regenerative …

Nature Based Solutions are not enough

NBS - Nature Based Solutions
Carbon emissions removed via nature-based solutions can not scale fast enough to reduce global temperatures - natural restoration per se will not be …

Inflation Reduction Act

carbon emissions
The Inflation Reduction Act is the first substantive piece of climate legislation in the US history, includes 9 billion in investments in climate …

Climate fight comes to Big Oil

Climate change and big oil
Climate fight comes to Big Oil #climatechange #bigoil #stakeholder #activism

Blockchain in Agriculture

Carbon Emissions
Blockchain in Agriculture - startups that are using blockchain solutions for agriculture #agritech #startups #socent #impinv #innovation #circular

MRV: Measurement (or Modelling?), Reporting, and Verification

Many carbon credit methodologies (MRV) do not actually measure carbon. Is it important and what are the alternatives to drive investment in carbon …

Climate change and human settlements

Climate change human habitat changes
Climate change will force human beings to adapt to living in different parts of the world. The optimal geographies for human habitation are shifting …

CO2 Reduction by Fixing in Organic Matter

Regenerative Agriculture Middle East

This post about carbon farming and regenerative agriculture is part of our collaboration with INNOPLANT, a company specializing in R&D …

Climate change education: our favorite online tools and apps

Our favorite apps and tools to educate and fight against the climate crisis

Campo Grande Project

More than 90% of the trees constituting the primary forest of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul have been cleared out and transformed into cattle …

Ketrawe Project

Ketrawe is all about getting as much trees as possible at a faster rate than trees are chopped out, usually farmers are blamed for chopping down …

Regenerative NFTs: A How-to Start Guide for climate-conscious artists

Globe NFT by Maya Frost
If you wanted to help an artist get started with Regenerative NFTs, where would you point them to?

Climate Change bugs

Beyond the costs and abysmal tasks ahead, there are some extra challenges posed by the lack of a common understanding or vocabulary around the …

5 Climatech questions

5 Climatech questions - Lessons from Bill Gates' How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

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