July 23, 2022

MRV: Measurement (or Modelling?), Reporting, and Verification

Many carbon credit methodologies (MRV) do not actually measure carbon. Is it important and what are the alternatives to drive investment in carbon removal and regeneration if carbon markets do not actually measure their impact?
July 8, 2022

CO2 Reduction by Fixing in Organic Matter

This post about carbon farming and regenerative agriculture is part []
July 7, 2022

Climate change education: our favorite online tools and apps

Our favorite apps and tools to educate and fight against the climate crisis
April 26, 2022

Regenerative NFTs: A How-to Start Guide for climate-conscious artists

If you wanted to help an artist get started with Regenerative NFTs, where would you point them to?
March 15, 2022

Climate Change bugs

Beyond the costs and abysmal tasks ahead, there are some extra challenges posed by the lack of a common understanding or vocabulary around the problem of how to address climate change.
February 15, 2022

5 Climatech questions

5 Climatech questions - Lessons from Bill Gates' How to Avoid a Climate Disaster